Our events will align with the provincial recommendations for physical distancing and display high regard for staff and patron health and hygiene. If you have any questions about how our venue is handling COVID-19, please contact us.

About the Venue

Surrounded by 60+ acres of farmland within Edmonton’s city limits, The Cornerstone is a sprawling pastoral estate with old fashion charm, elegance, and all the making for the authentic Albertan experience of being in God’s country.

About us

Originally built as a dream house for our parents, this home was a space where our family gathered to celebrate not only some of life’s most monumental milestones but also to experience those intimate in-between moments of life. Here, our family watched Grandma make palacinke (crepes) in the kitchen, played in the fields and climbed over hay bales, picked raspberries with Grandpa, napped under the old apple tree, and discovered even more reasons to be grateful for our life.

Today, The Cornerstone is a family-owned business that is open for hosting memorable gatherings to celebrate family, friends, community, or work.

Our parents always made this house a home for everyone. Our staff is committed to carrying on the tradition of quality, beauty, and reliability that was passed on to us, ensuring that every visit to The Cornerstone is a memorable one.